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Educational videos to inform and promote salmon conservation.

Recipient: Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland
Approved Amount: $25,000
Year Approved: 2018

We are aiming to engage the wider public and garner interest in local salmon conservation. To that end we will make a series of four professional educational videos and run advertisements on local media outlets. The four 30-minute videos will be aired via Rogers TV (see supportive letter) reaching up to 200,000 viewers. We will also air these episodes as shorter 12-15-minute clips on social media such as Facebook and Youtube. A detailed description of the four topics is attached, they will include subjects such as: SAEN, who we are, what we do, and how to get involved; Salmonid identification and the life cycle of salmon in NL; Salmon conservation, enforcement and safe catch and release; How to read a river; History and importance of salmon to peoples of Newfoundland and scientific research and salmon.
Contact: James McCarthy, 709-722-9300,