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Education to Increase Knowledge, Best Practices for Salmon Conservation

Recipient: Intervale Associates Inc.
Approved Amount: $27,365
Year Approved: 2023

Using education and awareness-building strategies, Intervale will increase public knowledge of Atlantic salmon conservation needs, train target audience groups in best practices to reduce harm to salmon and damage to habitat, and motivate community groups to improve and maintain water quality in salmon rivers of NL. To accomplish this, Intervale will deliver 12 presentations to communities, schools, and youth groups and present 5 fly-tying and best practices workshops for target audiences. Intervale will produce 2 issues of Living Rivers newsletter, 8 promotional Facebook posts, and 25,000 informational placemats aimed at reducing poaching and increasing stewardship. Intervale will install salmon river trailhead guest book boxes at 2 new locations. With community groups on the south/southwest coast of Newfoundland, Intervale will organize 3 clean-ups of salmon river estuaries impacted with debris caused by Fiona. These activities will inform, train, and motivate positive action for salmon conservation.

Project Contact:

Dr. Kathleen Blanchard