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Education through the observation station of salmon in Jacques-Cartier River

Recipient: Corporation du bassin de la Jacques-Cartier
Approved Amount: $40,000
Year Approved: 2022

The general objective is to inform visitors of the CBJC fishway and increase their awareness of the importance of Atlantic salmon populations in Jacques-Cartier River and of the challenges of their reintroduction. Existing facilities have now reached their end of life and need to be modernized. CBJC wants to improve visitors experience so that they be more receptive to the information it wants to share with them. More specifically, the objectives of this project are:
Ø Create and install new educational and interpretation tools and furniture;
Ø Set up a reception center and a roofed animation and education space with bleachers that can accommodate group of visitors;
Ø Inform and educate more people about the importance of wild Atlantic salmon in Jacques-Cartier River and of the need to preserve its habitat.


Michael Leblanc

418 875 1120