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Development of watershed plan for Cheticamp River and follow-up Farm Brook stream restoration work

Recipient: Cheticamp River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $12,000
Year Approved: 2019

CRSA is proposing working with Parks Canada and regional partners to develop a salmon and salmon habitat conservation plan for the Cheticamp River watershed, a process involving community engagement, extensive data collection, identification of limiting factors, and a remapping of the Cheticamp Rvier. This is timely, as the Cheticamp River has recently undergone significant changes (severe flood in 2015 and effects of a 5-year restoration project). Related, the CRSA plans to undertake a 3rd year of water temperature analysis to better understand temperature profile, identify additional limiting factors, and respond to environmental changes.

The CRSA is also planning habitat restoration work on Farm Brook, a smaller watercourse that has supported small runs of Atlantic salmon and was an important genetic reservoir for the species. A major blockage was removed in 2018 and the CRSA is proposing important follow-up work to restore natural channel meander, stabilize banks, and restore riparian habitat.

Contact: Rene Aucoin, 902-224-5854,