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Development of the Petite Trinité River second falls

Recipient: Société d'aménagement de Baie-Trinité 
Approved Amount: $8,800
Year Approved: 2020

The fragile state of the Petite rivière de la Trinité’s Atlantic salmon population shows the urgency of acting to improve habitat conditions, population, conservation and enhancement of this resource. A fishway was installed at the site of the third falls of this river in 2015; however, performance monitoring has shown that salmon are unable to pass the second falls during two of the last three years. At this site, the flow is low and rest areas are too far apart. The area upriver of the second falls has 56 % of the production potential of the entire river and is therefore critical to the enhancement.  In that context, the SABT will have plans and specifications prepared for addressing the issues at the second falls and will launch a request for proposals in order to determine the actual cost of the development.

Contact: George Gagnon, 418-939-2242,