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Development of the educational program Histoire du saumon

Recipient: Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique
Approved Amount: $39,800
Year Approved: 2021

The digital world is expanding constantly in the life of young people today, for educational purposes as well as for recreational purposes. To take the Histoire du saumon to another level, we believed it was essential to develop educational material in a fun game format. In 2020, we launched our first interactive platform Le grand voyage de Salmo, which allowed the young and not so young to learn more about the life cycle of Atlantic salmon with 3 capsules of scrolling texts and 3 interactive games.

We wish to continue integrating the material in our game platform, to enrich the user’s experience and continue to educate and raise awareness about the life cycle and the challenges met by the Atlantic salmon in our rivers. We therefore would like to add two new modules (2 text capsules and 2 interactive games) to our existing platform and translate all our material in English. In fact, all our material is available in French only, but we believe that a general translation would make our material available on a larger scale, in particular in the Maritime provinces with an Anglophone majority, and the First Nations Anglophone communities.

Also, the year 2020 has brought its share of difficulties and adaptation for our program. Beginning in mid-February of each year, we barely had time to deliver the program to the schools before the confinement began. We were lucky since several teachers and school principals succeeded in keeping the eggs and fry alive, and in the end the program was still a success. However, to better guide them in the future, and not really knowing what awaits us for next year, we want to develop capsules and presentations to further develop the program. We would also like to offer all this new material in English.

Finally, we have used all our paper copies of the student notebook, and the existing notebook being 5 years old, we would like to redo the cover page to make it more dynamic and also to offer an English version of these books.

Contact:  Alexandra Déry,