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Development of educational component “La vie de Salmo avec les Premières Nations” for Histoire du saumon educational program

Recipient: Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique 
Approved Amount: $32,000
Year Approved: 2020

FQSA will work to increase awareness among the young people of the history of First Nations, of Quebec, and of the relations between indigenous and non-indigenous people as well as of the rich culture of First Nations, and to enhance human relation with nature.  Working in partnership with local organizations, FQSA will collect salmon stories built around First Nations.  FQSA will create partnerships with communities close to salmon to help them create their own committee where they will write their story about salmon.  FQSA will coordinate the project, create collective efforts, help communities based on their needs, and prepare educational material, as an online activity in the form of a story map (ArcGIS Online).

Contact: Alexandra Déry, 418-847-9191 ext. 109,