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Development of an Atlantic salmon Management Strategy for PEI

Recipient: PEI Council of the Atlantic Salmon Federation
Approved Amount: $44,500
Year Approved: 2008

The P.E.I. Council of the Atlantic Salmon Federation Inc. will retain a consultant with extensive background in river restoration and population and habitat monitoring of Atlantic salmon to develop an Atlantic salmon management strategy for Prince Edward Island. The contractor will be responsible for the retrieval and consolidation of existing information on populations of Atlantic salmon on Prince Edward Island thus providing a recent and historical account of rivers that have, or have in the past, supported Atlantic salmon runs. The contractor will also carry out an assessment of habitat, including identification of critical habitats and the location of blockages to fish passage in more than 22 Island rivers. This information will be useful to community based groups as they develop the salmon habitat restoration and protection components of their integrated watershed management plans. A report entitle: “A Conservation Strategy for Atlantic Salmon in Prince Edward Island” by Dr. Daryl Guignon was produced in 2008.

You can see the report at the link below.