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Development of a decision-tree to guide stream restoration interventions

Recipient: Nova Scotia Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $27,966 for 2022 (2nd year of a 2-year project; Total: $47,932)
Year Approved: 2022

This project will include the development of a decision-tree to guide salmon restoration implementation. It will branch off an existing broad-scale conservation planning project for eight watersheds in the Nova Scotian Southern Uplands, with an emphasis on recovery of Atlantic Salmon. The decision-tree will be refined using our knowledge and understanding on salmon restoration through the Adopt-A-Stream program, as well as contributions from science-experts and stakeholders across North America. As a case study, we will incorporate existing work to identify priority areas for salmon restoration and test the applicability of the decision-tree under these realistic scenarios. Ultimately, we will create a web-based tool, to make the decision-making process surrounding salmon restoration efficient, accessible, customizable and scalable for a range of end-users such as local associations, non-profits, academia, and government agencies.


Brent Locke

902 880 4821