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Develop habitat conservation plans and restoration for rivers in Bay St. George

Recipient: Bay St. George South Area Development Association
Approved Amount: $49,828
Year Approved: 2020

This project will further develop Habitat Conservation/Improvement Plans for rivers in Bay St. George. Development of Habitat Conservation Plans will involve compiling existing available habitat information and conducting surveys of tributary streams to compile a current inventory of habitat factors that could or are affecting salmon production on Highlands River and Fischells River. Natural barriers will be removed, and manmade obstructions will be recorded, and recommendations made on how to remove these barriers.
Remedial work will be conducted at a falls on Middle Barachois Brook to improve fish passage, increasing the access to area above falls. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the remedial work at the falls will be conducted by monitoring the number of salmon surmounting the falls prior to and after the remedial work is completed.
This project will improve salmon habitat on Robinsons and Crabbes River by assessing requirements to improve streams and pools and developing a habitat improvement plan on these watersheds.
Contact: Suzanne Shears, 709 645 2883,