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Deadwater Brook obstruction removal

Recipient: Salmonid Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland
Approved Amount: $5,700
Year Approved: 2022

Deadwater Brook is a major tributary of the Upper Humber River, it flows into the southwest corner of Adies Pond. Past pulp and paper cutting, lumbering, beaver cuttings and natural processes have contributed to wood flowing downstream and creating significant obstructions. The current obstruction is located close to the outflow to Adies Pond and is not accessible except by foot or boat. We had earlier hope to have a local contractor remove the blockage with a couple of workers and chainsaws. Further collections of wood at the site has now turned this into a significant project. There is still some water passage under the wood pile obstruction however this will slowly close as more material flows down river. The current blockage is 20-25 feet wide and about 6 ft high We estimate it will take an experienced chain saw crew of 4, 5 days, 10 hour days to cut and remove the obstruction.


John McCarthy

709 640 2773