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Dam removal on Campbell Creek 2021

Recipient: Nashwaak Watershed Association
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2021

NWAI has identified major barriers to fish passage along the Nashwaak River, a DFO priority river. We recognize that the Campbell Creek Dam, property of the City of Fredericton, has been impeding fish passage to a cold-water tributary for almost a century and is one of the worst barriers to fish passage (and the only remaining dam) in the watershed. The City approved its removal and drained the headpond in 2020. The brook and headpond began to restore itself quickly. By removing the dam and restoring access to Campbell Creek, anadromous species like Atlantic salmon will be provided with a net gain of quality spawning and rearing habitat. Water quality will be improved, and cold water will provide salmon thermal refuge both in the brook and at its confluence with the Nashwaak River. Revegetation of the stream banks will provide habitat for terrestrial species and shade the restored stream.

Contact:  Dr. Jillian Hudgins,