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Current state of the salmon habitat in the rivers Matane, Mitis and including a protection plan for the monitoring of these rivers

Recipient: Regroupement des rivières Rimouski, Matane et Mitis
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2008

In each river the most important salmon issues (habitat and /or management) are described and management scenarios were developed. To achieve this, meetings between the resources managers and field visits have been required. The recommendations in the report are aimed at the protection of habitat, conservation and development of the salmon resource. The recommendation will be conducive to maintaining populations of salmon in the Rivers Rimouski and Matane, restoration salmon habitat problems (spawning areas, tributaries, riparian) and salmon resource development. The report, issued in the form of a action plan serves as a reference tool and a guide to managers and their approach to conservation, development and enhancement.