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Continuation of Spawning Habitat Improvement and Characterization on the West River

Recipient: Central Queens Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $17,690
Year Approved: 2023

The main project objective is to expand and enhance the spawning habitat in a recently restored section of the West River, in Green Bay along the Eliot River Rd. Essentially a continuation of our 2022 project. This section began the restoration process in 2018 and now CQWF wishes to create new spawning habitat in ~5 locations and enhance habitat currently used for spawning (3-4 sites). Established spawning sites will be maintained at +30 locations. CQWF wishes to expand the spawning habitat characterization document they began in 2022. The second project goal will focus a considerable amount of time on managing the devastation of Hurricane Fiona. This is a unique opportunity as woody debris in a river system can become productive habitat if managed properly. CQWF also wishes to continue its monitoring ventures (redd surveys, juvenile electrofishing surveys, water quality monitoring etc) and continue its typical stream restoration routine and activities (stream channel maintenance, tree planting, educational events etc).

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