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Connectivity Restoration on Terra Nova River

Recipient: Freshwater-Alexander Bays Ecosystem Corporation
Approved Amount: $39,900
Year Approved: 2023

This project will conduct trials of fish-flow devices on two beaver dams to assess the effectiveness and financial feasibility of these devices in allowing salmon passage past the dams. The purpose of fish flow devices is to reduce the impact of beaver dams on salmon migration while maintaining upstream beaver ponds, which are important habitat for salmon parr and other juvenile species. The device will be designed to allow fish passage without significant adverse effects on water levels and habitat in the beaver pond.

WWF-Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada will be project partners. WWF-C will provide the fish flow devices as well as training and logistical support. DFO will provide expertise and equipment to monitor fish passage downstream and upstream of the beaver dam by setting up radio telemetry stations and supervise the tagging of fish. This will be a continuation of DFO’s working relationship with FABEC developed through ASCF funding agreements. Monitoring may also include video and camera surveillance to record fish movement through the fish-flow devices and the durability of the devices in withstanding weather events and changing water conditions.

This project will also dismantle five old remote logging dams so that they are no longer obstructions to salmon migration.

Project Contact:

John Baird