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Characterize short-term and long-term sediment transport to restore hydrogeomorphological (HGM) processes in order to improve Atlantic salmon habitat

Recipient: Corporation de gestion de la rivière à saumon des Escoumins 
Approved Amount: 8 000 $ pour 2020 (1re année d’un projet de 3 ans, total : 24 000 $)
Year Approved: 2020

The goal of the project is to solve the most urgent problem identified in the conservation plan developed in 2019, namely the lack of habitat especially for juveniles.  This project will analyze historic hydrogeomorphological pathway of the Escoumins River using aerial photos and analyze the sediment dynamics using a morphologic approach as well as active transponders.  Ultimately, this information will be used to develop a preliminary plan that shows targeted and relevant interventions and the prioritization of these activities.

Contact: Jacques Auger, 418-233-3121,