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Characterization of three Gaspé Rivers: York, Dartmouth and St-Jean

Recipient: Fondation pour le saumon du grand Gaspé
Approved Amount: $8,000 for 2018 (2nd year of a 3-year project; total: $24,000)
Year Approved: 2018

This project will characterize salmon habitats on Dartmouth, York and St-Jean Rivers with high resolution aerial imagery based on the method developed by INRS in cooperation with MFFP. Specifically, the analysis will include mapping of the habitat of young salmon at the fry and parr stages, identifying potential spawning grounds and adult salmon pools. Furthermore, an overview of the three rivers will be completed with a thermal camera to identify and georeference available thermal refuges. Low flow periods are also important.

The project will get an exact and recent image of available salmon spawning and feeding habitats in the three rivers of the bay of Gaspé. It will also quantify the role of tributaries in the rivers productivity. Results can then be used by managers to identify the most productive areas, which will ensure a better protection of those areas. Similarly, managers will be able to identify areas that can be developed to increase productivity.
Contact: Jean Roy, 418-368-2324,