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Characterization of sediment transport dynamics on Saint-Jean River, Saguenay

Recipient: Corporation de gestion de la rivière St-Jean Saguenay
Approved Amount: $11,656 for 2022 (2nd year of a 3-year project; Total: $30,000)
Year Approved: 2022

Massive ripraps were installed on the banks after the flooding incident of July 1996. Ripraps create problems of river margins disconnection which alters river systems and reduces the quantity of sediments needed to maintain natural hydro-geomorphological processes (HGM). This reduces the morphological quality of watercourses and therefore the quality of salmon and sea trout habitat. The goal of this project is to characterize and to segment the river to restore natural river processes which are essential to the river dynamics of the watercourse. The method which is recommended consists in acquiring knowledge of the hydro-sediment dynamics, through inter-annual sediment balances, which will facilitate the characterization of the transportation intensity processes and the description of its evolution in time and in space.
Finally, this will enable us to propose scenarios for restoring natural river processes to increase the morphological quality and, in the longer term, to preserve, rebuild and reinstate salmon habitat in the Saint-Jean River.


Vanessa Gagné

418 272 2199