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Characterization of Matapedia River smolt descent in the framework of the integrated management structure of the salmon resource in Big Restigouche River.

Recipient: Conseil de gestion du bassin versant de la rivière Restigouche (Restigouche Watershed Management Council)
Approved Amount: $19,986
Year Approved: 2015

Matapadia River is known is known for salmon fishing, but especially for the success of salmon fishing and the number of salmon captured year after year. In spite of this fishing pressure, and of the number of fish harvested, according to the analysis of conservation threshold data established by managers, eggs laid have been more than 100 % for several years. In comparison to conservation threshold obtained for Québec and New Brunswick neighboring rivers, some partners want to undertake a study of smolt productivity for this tributary of Restigouche River. By installing a rotary trap in the spring of 2015, for three consecutive seasons, we will be able to estimate smolt productivity. More specifically, with our standardized approach, we will be able to compare the descent on Matapedia River to the descent on Kedgwick River. Time variability of smolt descent, density and physical condition and survival rate will be investigated.

Contact: Carol-Anne Gillis, 418-750-5314,