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Characterization of Atlantic salmon habitat on Saint-Jean–Saguenay River and three of its tributaries

Recipient: Organisme de bassin versant du Saguenay 
Approved Amount: $10,000 for 2020 (1st year of 2-year project; total: $15,000)
Year Approved: 2020

The Atlantic salmon population of the Saint-Jean–Saguenay River has not been attaining its optimum conservation threshold and better knowledge of disturbances affecting the watershed is necessary. Since the 1996 flood, this river has been subject to several anthropogenic disturbances, including, riprap on part of the banks, removal of vegetation from riparian zones and destruction of the riverbeds of several tributaries. These disturbances threaten Atlantic salmon habitat.  Characterization of the river’s morphology, riparian habitat and fish habitat will help increase the understanding of the scope of the disturbances and to identify sensitive areas where restoration is needed. This information is necessary to identify the restoration targets which will help improve salmon habitat.

Contact: Jeanne Moisan Perrier, 418-973-4321,