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Challenges, concerns and solutions concerning the adaptation of Quebec salmon fishing industry to climate change

Recipient: Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique 
Approved Amount: $12,800
Year Approved: 2020

The FQSA, river managers, anglers, MFFP and MELCC are concerned about the adaptation of our practices to climate change and are aware of present and future impacts.  The FQSA will assess the challenges, concerns and anticipated impacts and solutions proposed by managers.  It is important to better understand the angler’s perception of these challenges and educate them on this subject. This process will enhance the discussion already started by MFFP, whose role is to ensure sustainable management measures for this fishery, which includes consideration of the warming of water temperature and changes in water regimes of the rivers which are connected to climate change.

Contact: Myriam Bergeron, 418-847-9191 ext. 3,