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Broken Brooks: Improving Habitat for Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon Through the Continual Refining of Remediation Techniques

Recipient: Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2021

Over 169 in-stream structures (67 digger logs, 78 wing deflectors, and at least 24 bank stabilizers) were installed in Jonathan Creek between 1999 and 2001. Although these structures were intended to enhance fish habitat by creating pools, narrowing the stream, and reducing erosion, PWA staff noticed during 2020 that multiple structures were not performing accordingly. The PWA will conduct habitat assessments in Jonathan Creek to determine the impacts of these structures, and which structures need to be removed in order to prevent potential unintended negative impacts to the watercourse. In addition, the PWA will conduct habitat assessments at and around sites previously improved via tree planting and bank stabilization in North River and Little River. Finally, the PWA will continue to collect aquatic connectivity data at watercourse-crossing sites in the Petitcodiac River watershed to expand Atlantic salmon recovery efforts in the Bay of Fundy.

Contact:  Lindsay Gauvin,