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Broken brooks – Improving habitat access and quality for Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon thorugh innovative remediation techniques

Recipient: Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2022

A series of 86 in-stream structures, including digger logs, deflectors, and bank stabilizers, which had been installed in Jonathan Creek between 1999 and 2001, had been revisited by PWA in 2021. Although originally intended to enhance fish habitat by creating pools, narrowing the stream, and reducing erosion, multiple structures were not performing accordingly. Out of the 18 structures in the lower section of Jonathan Creek, eight were determined to be problematic and were removed. The PWA will continue to identify and remove problematic structures in Jonathan Creek. Furthermore, with the experience received from last year’s training course on bank stabilization techniques, provided by 5R Environmental Consulting Inc., PWA will replace conventional bank stabilizers with improved, nature-based alder weaving structures, and add structures where necessary. Finally, the PWA will continue to collect aquatic connectivity data at watercourse-crossing sites in our watershed to expand inner Bay of Fundy (iBoF) Atlantic salmon recovery efforts.


Kelsey Wilson

506 384 3369