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Bonavista North Salmon River Enhancement

Recipient: Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
Approved Amount: $32,528
Year Approved: 2023

Various locations along the shoreline of Bonavista North and inside the Indian Bay Watershed have blockages for Salmon accessing upstream. Most are caused due to beaver dams, natural debris within the river(s), and the requirement for restoration work to be conducted. These locations would not require long-term work to rectify the issues in each river (all of which are scheduled Salmon rivers and tributaries), hence the reason for various locations to be restored during the timeframe of the project.

IBEC has a strong history of clearing pulpwood, notching beaver dams, and removing debris to allow for Salmon to gain access from the Atlantic Ocean and move upstream for spawning, while allowing anglers a better chance for catching Salmon during the season. These locations would require manpower, hand tools, and offroad vehicles to access, of which IBEC has access to.

Project Contact:

Darren Sheppard