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Black Brook Bank Stabilization

Recipient: St. Mary’s River Association
Approved Amount: $24,000
Year Approved: 2023

Fresh water habitat productivity was identified in DFO’s 2012 Southern Uplands RPA as an issue affecting Atlantic Salmon populations. This application is intended to address habitat deficiencies on Black Brook an East Branch tributary (St. Mary’s River), which is used by DFO’s Gene Bank Program to rear unfed fry. Repair bank erosion on an East River tributary Black Brook (45 23 21N 62 10 19w). Two (Site 1 below the 2022 work and Site 2 above the 2022 work) sites (200 m) require 4-4.5 tonnes of rock per metre and four structures requiring 10 tons of rock to trap bed load and help narrow the channel. Sills and deflectors would be used to create a single channel with proper combination of riffles and pools. The cost to purchase and place the rock would be approximately $55 per ton.

Project Contact:

Kenny Silver