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Bartholomew River Atlantic Salmon Management Plan: Development & Implementation.

Recipient: Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee
Approved Amount: $12,000 (1st year of 2 year project, total: $24,000)
Year Approved: 2017

MREAC will develop and implement an Atlantic salmon management plan for the Bartholomew River in 2017 and 2018 respectively.  This plan will enhance awareness among fishers, landowners, and stakeholders and provide a basis for river management into future years.  The management plan will include a review of data available from NBDERD, DFO, MSA, and local fishers.  Land use, habitat, and water quality assessments will be conducted. In-stream water temperature data will be compared to the “Warm Water Protocol”.  Based on data from year one, a management plan will be developed.  We anticipate that each year the breaching of inactive beaver dams will improve access to headwater spawning areas.  In year two (2018) MREAC will implement many of the remaining recommendations proposed in the plan with support from volunteers and engaged stakeholders.

Contact: Harry Collins, 506-778-8591,