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Barnaby River Atlantic Salmon Habitat Assessment and Recreational Fishing Management Plan.

Recipient: Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee
Approved Amount: $14,000
Year Approved: 2015

MREAC proposes to undertake an Atlantic salmon habitat assessment on the Barnaby River in 2015 along with environmental assessment, monitoring and improve access to spawning areas on the headwaters. Based on the 2015 experience and data gathering, MREAC, in 2016, will develop a recreational fishing management plan for this river system. This phase of the project will target enhancing of Atlantic salmon habitat and survivability.

MREAC will work from the existing knowledge of the Barnaby River, available through local fishers, the NB DNR and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Further assessment will enhance the information base by determining the habitat and salmon stock potential for this river system. While the main branches of the Miramichi watershed receive much attention to salmon stock assessments this is not so with the Barnaby.

To complete the assessment and plan for enhancement activities this project will span over two years.

Contact: Harry Collins, 506-778-8591,