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Awareness of the importance of wild Atlantic salmon and its habitats: first scientific forum of the FQSA

Recipient: Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique
Approved Amount: $23,600
Year Approved: 2022

We want to hold the first FQSA scientific Forum with the interuniversity Alantic salmon research center (CIRSA), which will be take place in person and partially on the web. It will be a 2-day event. Conferences on issues faced by Atlantic salmon will be offered during those 2 days, and these conferences will be broadcasted (live and differed) for the general public and the fishermen. This event will be a way to unite and an excellent opportunity for scientists, researchers, students, managers, fishermen and any curious person who wants to learn more about issues faced by Atlantic salmon and its importance in the ecosystem of our rivers in Quebec. In total, we want to host about twenty conferences, some of which will be online, others in person, and then some will be broadcasted for free on the web. We would also like to offer some in English.
Student projects will be presented, but also MFFP conferences on projects regarding Atlantic salmon, the operating balance of Quebec, etc. We will deal with issues such as problematic issues and possible solutions for forestry, stocking, importance of hydrogeomorphology in habitat development, and presentation of several projects and innovation techniques for the improvement and conservation of Atlantic salmon.


Myriam Bergeron

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