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Atlantic salmon management plan – Bay du Vin River

Recipient: Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee
Approved Amount: $8,000
Year Approved: 2020

In 2013 MREAC completed the Atlantic Salmon Habitat Assessment for the Bay du Vin River Drainage Basin with sponsorship from the ASCF. With this foundation MREAC will prepare a watershed management plan for Atlantic salmon. Prior to writing the plan additional monitoring will be undertaken to supplement the work completed in 2013 and other background data available since that time. Significant effort will be applied to water temperature monitoring on the main branch and significant tributaries. Greater effort will be applied to explore habitat conditions and explore the prospect of applying special protective measures to area that show better habitat conditions. Electrofishing sites will be established and assessed for juvenile salmon to establish their current status on this watercourse.

Contact: Harry Collins, 506-778-8591,