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Atlantic salmon kelt movement and temperature preferences from the Miramichi River through the Gulf of St. Lawrence using satellite tag technology

Recipient: Miramichi Salmon Association Inc.
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2014

The MSA/ASF partnership has identified timing and migration pathways for kelt moving from the Miramichi River, through the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and exiting the gulf for reconditioning in the Atlantic Ocean. The partnership has also initiated the satellite tagging project which revealed movement patterns and mortality locations of kelt that were reconditioning in the marine environment. Increasing the total number of satellite tagged kelt in 2014 will expand on these valuable results. Our work has previously demonstrated a high mortality rate in the gulf and the information gained from satellite tags will allow us to accurately locate these areas.  Satellite tags also record temperature and depth profiles and can be used to determine how salmon cope with warm water temperatures in the Miramichi River and estuary.

Contact: Mark Hambrook, 506-622-4000,