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Atlantic Salmon Habitat Restoration in the St. Peter’s Bay Area Drainage Basin

Recipient: Morell River Management Cooperative
Approved Amount: $29,000
Year Approved: 2023

This project will restore access to Atlantic salmon habitat and spawning areas within three rivers managed by MRMC, including Morell River, Bristol Creek and St. Peter’s River. These river systems are included in A Conservation Strategy for Atlantic Salmon in Prince Edward Island, which will help guide the project. The proposed project will provide barrier free access to spawning grounds through the selective removal of in-stream logjams and beaver dams. A focus on monitoring and removing barriers on the east branch of the Morell River will improve salmonid habitat by creating better water quality. Windfalls will be notched carefully to leave as much instream cover as possible while still maintaining good flow. Limbs from windfalls will be used to build brush mats to stabilize stream banks and collect access sediment. Selectively raking areas with embedded substate will help restore spawning habitat.

Project Contact:

Hannah Murnaghan