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Atlantic salmon population and habitat baseline watershed surveys for North Lake Creek and Cross River, Phase 1

Recipient: Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $31,264
Year Approved: 2023

SAB will be conducting considerable monitoring in our genetically distinct, potentially ancestral salmon rivers of North Lake Creek and Cross River to compile data, bridge data gaps, based on our Hay River reference watershed monitoring initiatives.  This will be used to help us understand watershed health and what effects they may have on our salmon production and survival in these two larger rivers, which are part of the northeastern cluster of salmon rivers on PEI.  Analysing this data will help us to determine correlation between environmental conditions and limiting factors which will aid us in retaining and improving salmon stocks on PEI.  We intend to apply for this same project for the next three years so that we may gather ample monitoring data and document changes for North Lake Creek and Cross River.  Overall project objective is to develop habitat restoration management plans for these larger PEI Atlantic salmon rivers.

Project Contact:

Keila Miller