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Atlantic salmon habitat restoration & enhancement phase 4

Recipient: Hillsborough River Association
Approved Amount: $16,408
Year Approved: 2022

HRA and Pisquid River Enhancement Project (PREP) with support from ECCC’s Habitat Stewardship Program through PEI Watershed Alliance (PEIWA) will continue implementing the recommendations from the Conservation Strategy for Atlantic Salmon on PEI (Guignion et al 2019). We will: maintain beaver-free zones on Pisquid and Clark’s; continue working with landowners to expand beaver-free zones; rake 100m2 to expose cobble; remove log jams to maintain fish access; continue temperature and nitrate monitoring; continue salmon redd surveys and electrofishing; and educate student employees, elementary school students, and landowners. We’ll also install 4 natural log flow deflectors to create 4 new holding pools; install 150 meters of brush mats; plant and maintain 200 native trees and shrubs to enrich diversity and create stream shade; install 12 floating log cover structures; acknowledge ASCF contributions via social media; release the annual Hillsborough Tidings newsletter, and create a salmon management plan for Head of Hillsborough.


Dan McAskill

902 393 4385