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Atlantic salmon habitat restoration and enhancement, phase 2

Recipient: Hillsborough River Association
Approved Amount: $7,479
Year Approved: 2020

This project will implement recommendations from a renewed Conservation Strategy for Atlantic Salmon on PEI (2019) on Pisquid River, Clark’s Creek, Vernon River, and Head of Hillsborough. Hillsborough River Association will: maintain beaver-free zones; work with landowners in Vernon River to extend the beaver-free zone; expose gravel-cobble on mainstreams of Clark’s Creek and Pisquid River; maintain salmon access; expand temperature monitoring in salmon rearing habitat to 4 watersheds; continue salmon monitoring with redd surveys and electrofishing; and mentor and educate student employees and local elementary school students. In addition, HRA will: install 2 rock weirs to create new holding pools; install brush mats; plant native tree and shrub species to enrich diversity and create stream shade; install cover structures primarily on Clark’s Creek; test water for nitrates; make posts to social media; remove silt from Head of Hillsborough in-stream silt traps; and release the annual Hillsborough Tidings newsletter.

Contact: Dan McAskill, 902 393 4385,