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Atlantic Salmon Habitat Assessment for the Bay du Vin River Drainage Basin

Recipient: Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2013

The Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee (MREAC) proposes to undertake an Atlantic salmon habitat assessment on predetermined reaches of the Bay du Vin River. It is believed that MREAC’s assessment will enhance the information base by determining the habitat viability for Atlantic salmon on this orphaned river system.  While the major tributary branches of the Miramichi River receive much attention to salmon stock assessments, this is not so with the Bay du Vin. The Bay du Vin River has poorly known Atlantic salmon resources at present, but it is known to have a resident Atlantic salmon population. This is known from historical accounts and inventory work performed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Gulf Region.

Contact: Harry Collins, 506-778-8591,