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Atlantic salmon counting fence on the Gouffre river

Recipient: Association de conservation de la vallée du Gouffre
Approved Amount: $6,000
Year Approved: 2018

In the summer of 2017, in cooperatin with la FQSA and salmon rivers in the controlled zones MFFP installed two counting fences in the downstream section on Matane and Petit Saguenay rivers. Equipped with a data recorder and a camera, the second generation Ichtyos laser recorder developed by the firm WSP is an efficient tool to count the number of salmon which enter the river in the summer, therefore the number of spawners which reproduce in the fall.

Unfortunately, many controlled zones cannot estimate the number of salmon which use the rivers due to insufficient means to ensure adequate biological monitoring. Le Gouffre River is part of those rivers. Necessary preliminary measures will be taken in cooperation with the MFFP and the FQSA, to install a counting fence on the river in the near future for salmon counts.
Contact: Benoît Bouchard, 418-639-2988,