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Atlantic salmon conservation plan for Rimouski River

Recipient: Association des pêcheurs sportifs de saumons de la rivière Rimouski
Approved Amount: $6,000
Year Approved: 2019

The development of an Atlantic salmon conservation plan for Rimouski River will help consolidate and analyze all studies, documents and articles about this river to draw a picture of the condition of the salmon population and its habitat. This analysis will identify specific problems, gaps and issues for the river. The plan which will be structured based on logical issues and recommendations, will serve as a decision-making tool for our organization in the long term and short term. Planned actions will be prioritized. This project is crucial to provide management guidance and sustainable development tools for the territory. We will be able to improve our contingency plan for the transportation of salmons. The conservation plan will be distributed on paper and on the web to the different local partners.

Contact: Stéphane Forest, 418-722-6453,