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Atlantic salmon and wetlands awareness

Recipient: Friends of Salmonier Nature Park
Approved Amount: $9,000
Year Approved: 2020

The goal of the project is to increase awareness, understanding and education on Atlantic salmon and wetlands in Newfoundland & Labrador.  The project will have 3 components:

  1. Improved opportunities for awareness on the Salmonier River watershed. Interpretive signage will be placed along this back-country trail addressing best practices on wetland management and Atlantic salmon.
  2. Provincial outreach programs addressing salmon conservation and freshwater ecology throughout the province. The project will build on the salmon expertise developed in house in 2019 to deliver educational programming to other areas of the province.
  3. Expand on the Salmon ecology trailside exhibit area within Salmonier Nature Park to better educate visitors. The goal would be to have visitors understand wetlands and salmon better after visiting the outdoor site.

Contact: Judy Parsons-Kirby, 709 689 0656,