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Assessment of current status of Atlantic salmon redds in the key tributaries of the Exploits River watershed

Recipient: Environment Resources Management Association
Approved Amount: $17,188
Year Approved: 2022

Counts of Atlantic salmon redds and spawning fish will be undertaken in the fall within three tributaries of the Exploits River watershed to build on data from the last redd survey conducted in 1993 (Bourgeois,Murray, &Mercer). Redds and spawning salmon will be counted simultaneously as field team members walk river banks in an upstream direction, recording information onto a map, and utilizing a drone to provide aerial footage to plot out habitat and possible obstructions. A GPS location will betaken of salmon redd locations and notes recorded. These notes will include the date surveyed, habitat types, obstructions, numbers of fish present as well as weather and water conditions. An assessment will be made and recorded by the field team to give an indication of whether the survey gives a true reflection of the site given the conditions and if the data should be treated as quantitative or qualitative.


Kim Thompson

709 572 1573