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Assessing the habitat quality for Atlantic salmon in the Waterford River

Recipient: Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program
Approved Amount: $17,185
Year Approved: 2022

NAACAP proposes to identify and assess barriers to salmon migration, monitor water quality, and assess damage/changes to the riverbed of the lower reaches of a St. John’s urban historic salmon river, the Waterford River. This comes in response to the changing seasonal fluctuations in precipitation and temperature, in addition to increasingly common extreme hydrological events as predicted in climate change forecasts for Eastern Newfoundland. The goal of the project is to assess the viability of future habitat enhancements to ensure successful salmon introductions in the years to come. Emphasis will be placed throughout the project on public engagement through activities such as river clean-ups, litter characterizations, and the collection of citizen data to understand how this winter’s high-water marks compares to historical data. Finally, through partnerships with local organizations they hope to share their findings publicly through seminars and workshops, in addition to a final report shared on NAACAPs website.


Jennifer Blundon

709 726 9673