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Assessing Atlantic salmon habitat suitability and presence in the Meduxnekeag River watershed

Recipient: Meduxnekeag River Association
Approved Amount: $10,865 for 2022 (1st year of a 2-year project; Total: $16,865)
Year Approved: 2022

We would like to begin CABIN sampling, in combination with STREAM sampling (funded by Living Lakes Canada and WWF-Canada), to examine habitat suitability for Atlantic Salmon and ultimately determine whether Atlantic Salmon are currently present in the Canadian portion of the Meduxnekeag watershed. During the first year of the project, we will complete CABIN and STREAM sampling in various locations throughout the main stem of the Meduxnekeag River and in several tributaries. Sampling locations will be chosen based on the results of surveys completed by DFO and HBMI. The results of CABIN and STREAM sampling will provide useful information about water quality and ecosystem health, allowing us to better focus our efforts during year 2. During the second year of the project, we will use eDNA sampling to detect the presence of Atlantic Salmon. Sampling sites will be chosen based on the CABIN and STREAM results from the previous year.


George Peabody

506 328 8227