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Assessing and restoring aquatic connectivity in the Nashwaak Watershed

Recipient: Nashwaak Watershed Association
Approved Amount: $15,225
Year Approved: 2022

This project builds on our successes over the last five years in assessing and improving fish passage in the Nashwaak watershed.
Our strategy for improving aquatic connectivity employs a comprehensive and collaborative approach. We work closely with the Department of Transport and Infrastructure, local Wolastoqey groups as well as other environmental NGOs to identify and prioritize barriers for fish passage remediation. Data collected by surveying is combined into our GIS database and informs future priority barriers for remediation.
The objectives of this project are to:
• Improve our knowledge about the fragmentation of our watershed by surveying stream-crossings
• Identify and prioritize future fish passage projects
• Increase the amount of upstream aquatic habitat available to Atlantic salmon
• Maintain previously installed fishway infrastructure
• Decrease the risk of damage to public infrastructure
• Increase public awareness on the value of aquatic connectivity and the conservation and restoration of salmon habitat


Marieka Chaplin

405 261 4664