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Development of an urban drainage area model by riparian municipality along a salmon river: Residential and municipal measures (Phase 2)

Recipient: Organisme de bassin versant Matapédia-Restigouche
Approved Amount: $35,000 in 2017 (1st year of 2 year project; total: $44,000)
Year Approved: 2017

Every spring melt and during periods of heavy rain, urban areas along Matapédia River create sediment plumes and deposit areas at storm drains outlet, which affect salmon habitat by filling pools and clogging spawning areas. The project will reduce peak flows and sediment inputs from problem urban sectors. Joint residents and municipalities action is a key component for structure sustainability: optimum storm water management starts at each house and is enhanced by municipal interception, catchment and filtration practices. OBVMR will work with communities along Matapedia River to implement model catchment areas. The project continues developments proposed by Matapedia residents and validated by OBVMR, a second wave of training, the production of residential specifications and the production of municipal preliminary specifications and continues municipal and residential communication in the municipality of Sainte-Florence, Causapscal, Matapédia, Lac-au-Saumon, Val-Brillant, Amqui Sayabec.

Contact: Mireille Chalifour, 418-756-6115 extension 7014,