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Enhancing critically important cold-water Atlantic salmon habitat in the Miramichi River watershed 2018

Recipient: Miramichi Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $18,000
Year Approved: 2018

Significant widening of the mouth of Burnt Land Brook is causing part of the flow along the south bank of the river to be directed into the right bank of the brook, creating eddy currents and slack water that is reducing the concentration of flow exiting the Brook and out into the pool located at its mouth.

To enhance the Brook’s cold-water flow and contributions, an initial investigation suggests the bankfull width of the mouth of Burnt Land Brook should be reduced from its current 27+ metres to 10-12 meters. This reduction in bankfull width would represent a more natural channel width. In addition, the last 120 metres of the Brook’s channel should also be stabilized to ensure a strong and scouring discharge of brook water out into the main river channel. This would also help to diminish ongoing stream bank erosion and reduce sedimentation entering the river.
Contact: Mark Hambrook, 506-622-4000,