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Improving wild Atlantic Salmon stocks within the Tabusintac and Esgenoôpetitj watersheds

Recipient: Tabusintac Watershed Association
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2018

This project will determine the appropriateness of incubation boxes for enhancing wild Atlantic Salmon populations in the Tabusintac and Esgenoôpetitj watersheds. Tabusintac Watershed Association, The Friends of Kouchibouguacis, Tabusintac Club Inc., Esgenoôpetitj Watershed Association, Miramichi Salmon Association, and other partners and volunteers will contribute to this initiative. Historical data along with current water quality parameters and stream characteristics of wild Atlantic Salmon habitats will be documented at potential sites for incubation. Information will be compiled on the current status of wild Atlantic Salmon in the Tabusintac and Esgenoôpetitj watersheds. A summary report will be produced which provides an overview of this data collected and an assessment of the suitability of incubation boxes for local rivers.
Contact: Billie Joe Fowler, 506-779-1185,