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Salmon habitat enhancement (West River St. Mary’s)

Recipient: St. Mary’s River Association
Approved Amount: $23,401
Year Approved: 2018

Complete silt removal from Bryden Brook stream bed to improve the brook’s habitat. SMRA wants to reduce the average West River bank width near Beaver Brook by 30-35 meters. Groynes and deflectors requiring 25-50 tons of rock will be placed to trap bed load and help narrow the channel. Deflectors are normally paired with sills to reduce the river width. Sills requiring 150 tons of rock will be placed approximately every 180 meters. Cold water refuse will be built at an outlet of Beaver Brook for adult and juvenile salmon; this is similar to what was completed at Bryden Brook where Beaver Brook enters the west branch. We will plant trees along sections of the river, which will require volunteers.
Contact: Kenny Silver, 902-522-2099,