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Adurt Brook Restoration Project

Recipient: Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
Approved Amount: $30,909
Year Approved: 2019

Adurt Brook is a prominent location for salmon in the Indian Bay Watershed area. In recent years it has been assessed and determined to be deteriorating due to anthropogenic effects, as well as climate change and wildlife in the area. This past year IBEC undertook the Adurt Brook Bridge Restoration Project with the aid of ASCF funding. This project consisted of replacing a deteriorating ATV bridge with a new bridge to eliminate the passing of ATV’s through salmon habitat. Adurt Brook is a large contributing tributary into the Indian Bay River which feeds into Indian Bay, therefore it is critical that the health of Adurt Brook be prioritized to have a cumulative effect on the Indian Bay watershed. Recently, irregular water levels and weather patterns, combined with use of ATV’s, have caused serious damage to the brook system. An assessment has indicated that areas have been eroded and vegetation has been damaged, causing the natural structure of the river to be compromised. This area has also been noted as having a large amount of debris which is impeding salmon spawning, the debris is a direct result of past use from beavers. An assessment indicated that all beaver dams have been abandoned and partially washed out due to weather patterns and highwater levels,

causing the debris in the streambed which needs removal.

Contact: Darren Sheppard, 709-522-3222,