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2019 Midgell River Salmonid Management Planning

Recipient: Abegweit Conservation Society
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2019

The 2019 Midgell Salmonid Management Planning project will focus on the PEI priority of developing an action plan/restoration plan that will identify limiting factors impacting salmon production and survival in the Midgell River. This will be achieved by compiling and analyzing existing water temperature data, salmon population data, and CABIN/habitat assessment data to identify factors and trends in the data for future management plans. The project will also continue to maintain and improve habitat for Atlantic salmon by building on past success in establishing connectivity by mitigating beaver impacts in the main branch of the river. The focus of habitat work in 2019 will be on a 1.5km section of the main branch upstream of the Elm Road. The last, but not least, objective of the project will be to build on the data gathering capacity by expanding the past 2018 PIT tagging project to include 2 more antennas.

Contact: Rebecca Hersom-Petersen, 902-969-3927,