Volunteer Profile: Michael Pollard

February 17, 2017

Meet Michael Pollard, a member of our Nova Scotia Advisory Committee.

Pollard said growing up on a farm he learned that there is always something that needs to be done and work is never really finished.


“But my mom taught me that if you really like/love doing something you will never really work a day, it is always a pleasure,” he said. “I took to the outdoors and it has stuck

with me. As a youngster, I was involved in Sea cadets learning survival skills, shooting, leadership, discipline, and a love for the outdoors. I got involved with the Halifax Wildlife A

ssociation and the NS Federation of Anglers and Hunters (NSFAH) and found that mentoring new fishers or hunters provided me the excuse to be outdoors while instilling

the ethics I believe we need to be focused on sustainability. Exposure to the Canadian Wildlife Association just carried that drive into conservation.”

Pollard became involved with the ASCF about three years ago.

“I was asked to assist on the evaluation of the funding applications for Nova Scotia. I had done a similar task with the NSFAH and wanted a better perspective on fishing, water, habitat, and species management/conservation/sustainability.”

He said when he was asked to participate in the ASCF he was pleased to, as he could see the need for the organization.

“We need people who are willing to address the issues involved, take that with them into their daily lives, and transfer that to new leaders who can be cultured into future champions for habitat, wildlife, and conservation while still being consumers.”

“It becomes part of your life and if you really get involved it will stay part of your life forever.  However, the real reason is we also need people to help direct, balance and guide others on a wider basis to take the ethical path – help government, clubs, organizations, and individuals to understand we can make a difference.”

Pollard encourages others to get involved with ASCF or similar groups.

“There is much good work being done by many organizations who often need all the help they can get. It will better your life and maybe the lives of others. It will enrich your daily and yearly existence and because of that I try to get others directly involved. Find the organization that needs you, take the time to understand the value principles, apply your own ethical code and help as much as possible. You will be a better person for it and we just might leave something valuable for our kids.”

Volunteers are crucial to the work ASCF does, and each month we will introduce you to one of our stellar volunteers to say thank you for all the work they do in Atlantic salmon conservation.