Feartured Projects

Nepisiguit Salmon Association / New Brunswick / 2020

Nepisiguit salmon enhancement and assessment 2020

In 2020, a project led by Nepisiguit Salmon Association with $13,000 funded by ASCF, was carried out in the Nepisiguit and area rivers.

Salmon fry were stocked into the Nepisiguit, Gordon Meadow and Pabineau Brooks after eyed eggs were reared in streamside incubation boxes. Continuing work started in 2019. A dam inventory in Gordon Meadow Brook and Pabineau Brook was completed and breaching conducted where most important.

In response to general concerns about frequent summer drought conditions in the past few years, NSA also continued to collect water temperature data from data recorders, not only for tracking seasonal water temperatures, but to be used in the Warm Water Protocol which will allow DFO to determine if a Variance Order is needed to reduce fishing hours on the Nepisiguit.

The balance of the summer was spent conducting electrofishing surveys of designated watercourses to build up an ongoing picture of the relationship between juveniles and returning adults, also to check on previous spawning. Water quality, predator and environmental/habitat surveys were also carried out. Data collection/compilation was carried out in September. Favourable water conditions also permitted spawning surveys to be carried out in late October and early November.